In this article, we will find out the major factors you have to prevent to have in your kitchen design and ways to avoid such typical mistakes that homeowners make. Keep on reading to know more:   

Forgetting practical essentials 

Focusing on the glamorous parts and aspects of kitchen design, like having granite Dallas countertops, is definitely the exciting part of the process. Looking for the best statement backsplash or elegant light fixtures is great. However, you also need to consider the boring details of kitchen design and actually pay attention to them just how you do with major kitchen aspects. This includes planning where and how you’ll infuse ventilation, electrical outlets, garbage bins, and some essentials in your design.  

One of the effective ways of dealing with this issue is to come up with a list of your kitchen annoyances. Perhaps your kitchen now does not have a decent spot where you can out a trash bin or there isn’t an ideal place to plug in your food processor. Maybe smells and smoke lingers in the air long after you cook. In several instances, taking note of such issues can definitely aid you in determining what practical solutions you will need that you should incorporate in the design of your new and refreshed kitchen.  

Storage inefficiency 

Several kitchen storage spaces are usually wasted. Either the drawers and cabinets themselves are not intended to hold optimal storage capacity, or the spots are left empty. Fortunately, you can resolve this issue by planning it carefully. Assess where you want to store your kitchen stuff, what you really want to store, and what you frequently use. This can help guide you on what storage type is the best for you, where you can store and position them, and what organization techniques you need to apply.  

Not considering entertainment 

Sure, it’s a must to prioritize the dining habits and the needs of your household as you envision a new kitchen design. However, that should never hinder you to incorporate something entertaining in your kitchen for your accommodation.  

It doesn’t matter if you don’t invite visitors more often, the perfect kitchen needs to function well during the time that you do. This will help avoid the undue mess, disfunction, and overcrowding when the time you have to cook for your visitors comes.  

Insufficient functional lighting 

If your kitchen is too dim, it could become extremely inconvenient and dangerous at the same time. Thankfully, you can prevent this by coming up with a sound lighting plan strategically according to the layout of your kitchen. Consider factors like where the food will be served, where pans will be set to cool, where the cooking is done, and where the ingredients will be prepped. Every spot in your kitchen needs to get ample lighting according to how it’ll be used. One of the best ways to do this is to install multiple light sources and varying your lighting types.