Tips to Prepare Your Roof for Winter

You might not know it, but preventing roof damage to keep your loved ones safe and cozy during the winter season is a lot easier. Homeowners nowadays don’t have to get on their roofs to take the needed precautions.  

Keep in mind that every dollar and second you invest in keeping your roof safe can help protect your house from major damages. A regular roof leak costs $500 to $1000 to repair. However, this does not include replacing electrical wiring, insulation, and water damaged ceilings.  

So, if you want to avoid this expensive roof repair Leander task, here are some tips you can follow: 

Reseal Fixtures Such Skylights and Piping 

All punctures made in your roof introduces the chance for moisture to enter the house, whether it is a vent for your appliance or a satellite. There are a few items you can use to prevent moisture from leaking inside. They might need routine touch-ups. This varies on the material you have. Damaged materials may require replacement, such as flashing. Fall is the ideal time to reseal these puncture points and keep water from leaking inside.  

Examine the Siding for Indications of Damage 

It could affect the roof if your siding has an issue. You should give your siding a quick look during a roofing inspection. This will help you guarantee soffits and panels are in place securely.  

Improve Interior Insulation 

Roofs are often not damaged from the outside. However, condensation from below rots the supports and beams that keep your house stable. You’ve got to ensure you perform an interior inspection as well to avoid interior moisture from causing an issue.  

Trim Trees Hanging Near and Over the Roof 

Winter breeze and freezing temperatures could easily break weak branches. If these branches are located above the roof, it can damage your roof and break shingles when they fall. You could avoid these issues if you prune the trees before the cold months arrives.  

Pest Control 

Trees around your property indeed offer beautiful fall colors. However, they can also offer pest issues. This includes rats, mice, bats, and squirrels searching for a warm place to nest in once the cold months set in. After these pests find a way inside, they will chew apart your roofing material to make a bigger entrance. In addition to that, they can damage wiring and insulation as well. They can introduce bacteria and foul odor by way of their droppings and food. They can cause moisture damage as well. Every entry point should be covered sufficiently or fixed in the fall to protect your house against these unwanted visitors.  

Missing Shingles  

If you replace missing or broken shingles, you can stop water from seeping inside the attic and damaging the rest of the house. You may require a major investment in repairs by the time you see the indications from inside the house. If you perform preventative maintenance and thorough fall roofing inspection, you can avoid this from happening.  

If you don’t know how to prepare your roof for the winter months, don’t hesitate to hire a professional roof repair company